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Rauna YE team

Young Eyes project concluded in Oslo

My home town (15.09.16)

The Young Eyes Project became a succesfull story. Youths and leaders from 4 municipalities in 3 countries cooperated with experts from PAS in Scotland and Innovation Circle Network. The Erasmus+ project resulted in local action plans which were presented to local councils. A short list of action was elaborated within each place project group. 4 mirror workshops where youths and leaders visited each other were conducted in Suwalki(Poland), Rauna and Jelgava (Latvia) and Robertsfor (Sweden). The project was summarized and concluded in Oslo, August 2016. An evaluation report was elaborated by PAS(Scotland).

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Conference is coming up 1-2 December in Riga

Europeans on the move! (15.09.16)

Europe is no longer the single leading continent. Innovations within the transport sector in Asia are amazing and also at other continents we see heavy investments in new inftarstructure. Hyperloop, Maglev, High speed trains, autonome electric cars. The list is longer. Entrepreneurship all over the place. China has launched the "One Belt One Road" vision for the Eurasian continent, the "New Silk Road". EU has launched the TEN-T concept. Core corridors and nodes are pointed out and massive investments are made and expected to be implemented during the next decades. 


ICN board and Young Eyes Project leader team met in Riga

Youth and migration are in the spotlight


Cliff Hague analyzing

Brexit - Why and what next?

TEN-T slides

New tunnell will bridge Finland/Scandinavia with European continent

Helsinki+Tallinn=tunnel project

Helensburgh - Futurewalk_300x227

Cliff Hague's Blog

The civic use of heritage assets


The 8th annual ICN conference brings new projects ideas on the way

From ideas & visions to action


Time to think design in youth projects!

Design thinking projects


Jelgava's Eleja Manor Tea house to be restored

From vision to reality


Latvian experts studying urban design and land use

Looking at Norway!


8th Annual ICN Conference 28th-30th October

Welcome to Berlin!

Priekuli municipality_IC_13082015 (1)

Rural municipality goes for more international cooperation!

Priekuli enters ICN

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